Why Your Oil Or Gas Company Needs Professional Produced Water Treatment

"Produced water" is the water that is used during the production process of another substance like gas or oil. If you will soon be starting an oil or gas company, you likely understand that the quality of the water you use while crafting your product is of paramount importance. While you can try and learn how to treat this water yourself, you may soon find that it's a much better idea to bring in outside help. Read More 

There Are 4 Measurements That A Thread Gauge Can Measure

When it comes to pipes and screws, or anything that has threaded section to it, it's important to make sure that threads are measured correctly and that the measurement is labeled so that when people go to buy the pipe or screw, they know what they are getting and they are able to get the right thing. That takes a thread gauge. This tool is used to measure the thread, but how are the threads measured? Read More 

Adding Stucco Trim To Your Building

There are many options for the exterior trim for your building. While stucco is a commonly used material for both interior and exterior trims, you might not be experienced or familiar with this material. Without a thorough appreciation for the viability of using extruded stucco trim, you may not seriously consider the viability of this option for your trim. Is Stucco Trim The Same Thing As Vinyl Siding? Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of exteriors for both homes and commercial buildings. Read More 

Don’t Risk It: 3 Ways To Ensure Employee Hand Protection

If you work in an industrial setting, you owe it to yourself to protect your hands, and those of your employees. After all, if your employees injure their hands, they're going to be out of work for quite a while – maybe permanently. The human hand contains 27 bones, with eight of them in the wrist alone. That's 54 bones that could be broken or crushed during a typical workday. Not to mention all the nerves, muscles and tendons that are at risk, as well. Read More 

3 Tips For Buying Aftermarket Hydraulic Seal Kits

If you work with hydraulic equipment, then you will need to purchase hydraulic seal kits from time to time. Without a proper seal, you will have leaks and other problems with your hydraulic system. With the right hydraulic seal kits, though, you can prevent these leaks and issues. You can buy aftermarket hydraulic seal kits with success if you follow these tips. 1. Have the Manufacturer Serial Numbers Finding the right fit when buying hydraulic seal kits is essential, and it's easier than you might think. Read More