Metric Fastener Styles and Grades

Screws, bolts, and nuts that are classified based upon the metric system are referred to as metric fasteners. Fasteners can be used to secure materials that will be used in either an indoor or outdoor environment. The size of a product should be adequately assessed, before purchasing metric fasteners. In addition, the style and grade of the material should be considered. The Style Screw and bolt heads feature a countersunk or non-countersunk design. Read More 

Advantages Of Using A CNC Router For Material Customization

If you need to customize materials a certain way, you have a lot of tools at your disposal. One of the more flexible and unique is a CNC router. Using it with any sort of material customization generally comes with the following advantages. Easier Customization If you tried manipulating different materials by hand, whether it's metal or wood, there is the chance of making mistakes and running into a difficult fabrication process. Read More