Adding Stucco Trim To Your Building

There are many options for the exterior trim for your building. While stucco is a commonly used material for both interior and exterior trims, you might not be experienced or familiar with this material. Without a thorough appreciation for the viability of using extruded stucco trim, you may not seriously consider the viability of this option for your trim.

Is Stucco Trim The Same Thing As Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of exteriors for both homes and commercial buildings. However, it is important to appreciate the fact that stucco is not the same as vinyl siding. Stucco is a durable trim, but it is not as strong as vinyl siding. As a result, it will usually be used in strategic locations. Some homeowners will combine stucco trim with vinyl to provide their home with the exact look that they are wanting.

Are There A Wide Range Of Aesthetic Options For Stucco Trim?

A major benefit of using stucco trim is that it can be highly customizable. In addition to being able to have the stucco made in almost any shape or design, it is also possible for it to be colored to your specifications. Lastly, there can be texturing options that you may be able to utilize in your design. By meeting with a stucco contractor, you will be able to learn more about the options that would be suitable for your project.

Will Modifications Be Needed To Support The Stucco?

Some homeowners will assume that major modifications will be needed to allow the home to accommodate the new stucco trim. This assumption can be due to the belief that stucco is heavy, and the home will need to have structural reinforcements installed. However, this is not the case because stucco is an extremely light material. As a result, you will be able to add this trim without needing to structurally reinforce the home. There may be other changes that are needed to achieve the exact look that you want, but this will vary according to the final look you are wanting to achieve.

Is Stucco Trim Difficult To Maintain?

There is a misconception that stucco trim can be an extremely difficult material to maintain. However, stucco is one of the easier trim options to maintain. In most instances, it will only need to be periodically cleaned to keep it looking good. When cleaning it, you should use a damp cloth or sponge to gently remove any dirt or discoloration that may have collected on it.