Pipe Culvert Systems — Adequate Drainage On Commercial Property

Pipe culverts are commonly installed in excavated trenches. Culvert pipes provide a viable way for pooling water to be routed to an area that has been designated for drainage. If rainwater or irrigation efforts have led to flooding on your property, consider the benefits of having a pipe culvert system installed on your land.

Commercial Piping

Pipe culverts are round, elliptical, or arched in shape. The type of culvert that is purchased for a culvert system will be dependent upon the topography of the land where the pipe sections will be installed. The size of the land will also determine which type of culvert design will be best-suited for the property.

Before this type of system is installed, an excavation contractor should assess the property. They will provide guidance with integrating the culvert materials with the natural shape of the land. If a culvert system will be installed along uneven terrain, it may be necessary to install angled pipe sections that will be able to adequately route water to a drainage field.

New And Used Culverts

Pipe culverts are constructed of concrete, galvanized steel, PVC materials, and aluminum. The composition of the soil that is on the land where the piping system will be installed may make the property better suited for a particular type of pipe culvert product.

A supplier of culvert pipe sections may sell new and used culverts. New culverts can be custom-designed to fit a specific piece of property. Used culverts are pipe sections that have been cleaned and resurfaced. Some pipe culvert materials are more resilient to moisture and acidic soil conditions.

Purchasing superior pipe materials that will withstand the environment is necessary. Pipe sections should be wide enough to support the flow of water that will be routed through a culvert system.

Bracing Materials

When a culvert system is going to be installed, bracing materials will be selected. A contractor may use gravel, concrete, and other supplies to support culvert sections. A contractor will also design the sides and top of a culvert system. It is fairly common for soil and grass seed to be added over culvert pipe sections.

Once culvert pipes have been anchored, the soil and grass seed will supply the top of the system with a natural-looking surface. Culvert systems should be professionally inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. A contractor can guide a property owner in keeping culvert pipes maintained.

Contact a supplier of pipe culverts to learn more about culverts for sale.