Information On Buying A Pallet Racking System

A pallet rack is a storage system that's designed to store pallets in an organized and efficient manner. There are different types of systems to choose from. You can continue reading to learn more about some of those systems, as well as other things you need to consider when you are going to be buying a pallet racking system for your space. 

Create a lot of space

If you've been shipping, receiving, and storing pallets without a pallet racking system up to this point, then you'll likely find you can free up a large amount of space with the racking system in place. You might want to start working on efficient ways you can use all the extra space you will gain. You may be able to move some of your other processes into the space or take on larger quantities. 

Many types

There are many types of pallet racking systems you can choose from when you decide to buy pallet racks. However, some of the more common ones include the standard pallet racks, drive-through pallet racks, and push-back pallet racks.

Standard pallet racks

A standard pallet racking system is one that's very basic. This system has two frames that sit upright and two beams that run horizontally. This creates level shelves where the pallets can be stored on. The standard system is one that can easily be added to and expanded on. This may be a good choice if you are starting on a smaller level, but plan on growing consistently or in the near future. 

Drive-through pallet racks

Drive-through pallet racking systems have the necessary space for lift trucks to drive through the pallet racks as if they were driving through a tunnel. This racking system has a first in, first out design because there is access to both sides. 

Push-back pallet racks

A push-back racking system is one with a first-in last-out system. A pallet added to the shelf will push the one already in place back, then take its place. Something important to know about this system is all the pallets on the shelves need to be full pallets, whereas the other systems can accommodate partially filled pallets. 


Now that you have more information on pallet racking systems, you may find it easier to determine which type of pallet racking system you want to buy.

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