Critical Uses That Farmall Tractors Can Serve on a Farm or Ranch

As a farmer or rancher, you need a variety of farming equipment on hand to complete your daily work. However, out of all of the farming equipment that you buy, your tractors may serve the most important purposes. If you are just starting your own agricultural operation, it can be critical that you appreciate the role that tractors can play in farming or ranching today. You can then invest in a tractor that is backed by a Case IH tractor service for your agricultural needs.

1. Material Hauling

One of the most important purposes that tractors can serve on a farm or ranch involves transporting materials. When you have hay, fodder, forage or other materials to haul around your spread, you may not necessarily want to load it up in the back of a pickup bed. You also do not want to haul it by hand.

Instead, you can buy tractors with Case IH parts that let you load up hay bales, forage, and other materials and then haul them from the hay shed or barn to your livestock's feed bins or pastures. You avoid putting stress and wear on your pickup trucks. You also avoid having to load up materials and haul them by hand to feed or provide for your livestock.

2. Sod Turnover

Breaking sod can be a time consuming and backbreaking job if you have to do it by hand. Instead of turning over new sod with just a hoe and shovel, you can use a tractor to plow and turn over a field of new sod. You can get the Case IH parts for breaking new sod from a farming equipment company. These parts make your Farmall tractors more versatile and capable of adding new acreage to your farm or ranch.

3. Harvesting

Finally, tractors are some of the most versatile farming equipment to use for harvesting. You can drive tractors into fields that vehicles like combines might otherwise leave damaged. You can also attach beds to tractors that make this piece of equipment ideal for harvesting crops like pumpkins, onions, and other crops that cannot be run through a harvester.

These are just a few ways that the right tractor can serve on your farm or ranch. You can get Case IH parts like bed and plowing attachments from a farming equipment service to make your tractor more versatile for turning over sod or harvesting.