3 Important Features To Look For When Shopping For An Industrial Wastewater Pump

If wastewater develops on or around your industrial site, you'll need to invest in a quality wastewater pump. This device is designed to pump wastewater from a basin to a collection system. If you're in the market for one of these systems, you'll want to look for these features. 

Moisture-Proof Cable Entry 

Since these pumps are designed to collect runoff wastewater, they will inevitably get wet. However, you need to make sure the pump's motor doesn't get wet. If it does, you could experience a wide range of performance issues that lead to costly repairs and potentially replacements.

You can avoid such damage by buying a wastewater pump equipped with a moisture-proof cable entry. This design prevents liquid from penetrating the motor. It will thus remain dry at all times, no matter how much wastewater collects around your pump. 

Lower-Energy Consumption 

If your industrial site tends to collect a lot of wastewater often, then your wastewater pump will be used regularly. As such, it will be important to look for a wastewater pump that specifically is designed with lower-energy consumption in mind.

Even if the pump is used for hours and hours in one session, you won't have to worry about the pump driving up your energy costs each month. Generally, new models will be designed with energy-efficiency in mind. That being said, it still helps to make sure your pump has an energy-efficient label or has some type of energy-efficiency rating that you can easily assess.

Short Rotor Shaft 

When a wastewater pump is active and pumping wastewater to the appropriate collection system, small vibrations will occur. It's when these vibrations get large when you have to worry about the pump's bearings and seals potentially getting damaged.

Large vibrations will typically happen if the rotor shaft on the pump is too long. That's why it's so important to look for a pump with a short rotor shaft. It will not cause excessive vibrations while your pump is running, and as a result, you won't have to worry as much about costly repairs and part replacements. You can figure out how long the rotor shaft is by assessing the pump's specs.

Wastewater should be contained on your industrial site, which is possible when you invest in a wastewater pump. There are many types to choose from, but you can ensure your selection works out by keying in on the right features when shopping. For more information, reach out to an industrial wastewater pump installation company.