Understanding What Fire Hydrant Adapters Do, And Recognizing Which Fire Hydrants In The City Need Them

Fire hydrants; those life-saving, home-saving pumps of water under pressure all over the city exist because the former methods of putting out fires never quite did the job. There is just one catch; fire hydrants become outdated and cannot connect to the fire hoses currently in use. That is where fire hydrant adapters come in to play. If you are your city's planning and zoning inspector or fire marshal, you know how important it is to make sure every fire hydrant in the city can do what it was intended to do. If you are not one of these two city officials, or you are just curious about fire hydrant adapters, the following is provided. Additionally, you should be able to recognize which hydrants need adapters and which ones do not.

Changing Size or Style to Meet Hose Hookups

​Fire hose hookup ends vary from ladder truck to ladder truck, and water truck to water truck. Most of the fire trucks in your city currently have the same fire hose hookup ends, with a few exceptions in regards to a few of the older hoses stocked at certain firehouses. However, all firehoses should be able to connect to every hydrant in the city. The most current fire hydrants will easily connect to the current firehoses. The real problems arise when the hoses and the hydrants do not have the same connectable parts. 

Ergo, there are several different adapters for use on fire hydrants. Most of the fire hydrants that need these adapters to keep up with the current fire hoses are fire hydrants that are significantly older. Maybe your city has not managed to replace these old hydrants, or maybe they are going to be replaced in the next few years. In the meantime, to adequately provide the water needed to douse fires in the areas where these older hydrants exist, the adapters have to be ordered, affixed, and tested. The adapters may increase hydrant connection to meet hose size, decrease hydrant connection to meet hose size, or transform the connection to fit "female to male," "male to female," etc.. 

​How to Recognize the Fire Hydrants in Your Neighborhood That Need Adapters (and Inform the City)

​If you are just a concerned citizen, you can help the fire department and your city identify the hydrants that need adapters. Look for fire hydrants that have only one port; these are very old and in need of updating. Also look for fire hydrants that look like they are wearing ribbed "hats." These hydrants are not as old as the single port hydrants, but they will also need adapters because they are still older than the current hydrants installed in the city.

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