Tips For Safe Pallet Racks

Pallet storage racks typically do a great job of preventing hazards, but the truth is that accidents may happen. Inspection of your storage racks is critical for ensuring your workplace or warehouse is safe. The stakes can be high when you have heavy items piled high on racks.

Are you unsure if your current pallet racks are safe? Do you think your racks might need to be replaced in the near future? Check out your racks with these factors taken into account to ensure that you are taking the right steps toward a safer workplace.


Pallet racks can collect rust, which demonstrates weakening metal. You might notice corrosion if something has hit the pallet rack hard as well. Pay close attention to potential rust that could become a bigger problem in the future. If your racks have corrosion, they could bend or drop their loads seemingly out of nowhere.

Open Space

Aisles must be wide enough to accommodate the lift trucks you use. If your storage racks frequently suffer from damage, you might have issues with not having enough space for your vehicles to move around freely. Even with anchoring, a strong vehicle can knock over your racks and lead to injury and damaged goods.


Pallet racks can easily become damaged, influencing the capacity of your racking system. Beams with visible deformation and cracking require replacement. Additionally, ensure that columns stand upright. Examine any deflection gaps that could tell you more about the integrity of the structure. A thorough inspection over time may reveal a lot about your shelving.


While your organization may not have a standard for anchoring pallet racking to the floor, you might find that this is the best way to secure racks to prevent them from falling over. Column base plates secured with anchor bolts can ensure your racks are bottom-anchored safely.

Load Capacity

Loading storage racks in accordance with what they can physically handle is important. Ensure that each storage rack displays information about capacity so that everybody can read it. Otherwise, you might end up with racks that are holding loads that damage their integrity.

Remember to take note of all inspections and actions you take to correct issues you discover. If you notice these problems, you might consider replacing them even with other used racks from a company like Warehouse Equipment Solutions. Used racks can offer just as much integrity and safety as newer racks with proper inspection.