Truck Service Body Selection Tips

Service trucks play an important role in the operation of many businesses. A service truck can act as your mobile workshop, allowing you to serve the needs of your customers while on location at each job site.

Service truck bodies are often utilized to help increase the function and accessibility of a work vehicle. Choosing the right service body now will save you a lot of stress and frustration in the future.

Measure Your Truck 

The selection of the right service body for your mobile work needs starts with measuring the truck onto which the service body will be installed. You will want to measure the distance between each of the rear wheels. You should also measure the distance from the cab to the rear axle.

These measurements can vary from one truck manufacturer to another. Without accurate measurements of your truck, you could end up with an ill-fitting service body. This will put you and other drivers you share the road with at risk of accident or injury if the service body on your truck comes loose.

Check Your Truck's GVWR

Another important consideration that you will want to make when investing in a truck service body is the amount of weight your vehicle can safely support. This measurement can be found by locating the specification label on the driver's side door pillar of your truck.

The gross vehicle weight (GVWR) defines the amount of weight the frame of the truck can safely carry. GVWR will influence the type of service body you are able to install. You may find that you need to go with a service body made from lightweight aluminum if your truck has a low GVWR to ensure maximum safety over time.

Consider Your Needs

Truck service bodies come in a wide range of styles. You can customize your service body to meet the exact demands of your occupation.

A service body can feature an open load space that allows you to transport materials or a closed load space to keep large tools safe. You might conduct a lot of work at night, which would require the use of a service body equipped with an external light source.

Mounted tool racks and locking compartments can also be built into the design of your truck service body to ensure the security of your assets while working in remote locations.

Invest the time required to carefully select a truck service body if you are looking to improve the mobile capabilities of your business.