How You Can Select The Perfect Drill Bits For Your Aircraft Drill

Aircraft drills are uniquely long drills that were originally used on planes because of the tight spaces they could reach. Now, they're being used in a lot of sectors. If you're looking to purchase drill bits for one of these crafty devices, remember these tips. 

Select a Material 

A huge factor you need to take into consideration when buying aircraft drill bits is the material they're made of. Some of the most popular you can find today include cobalt, high-speed steel, and titanium-coated bits.

Cobalt drill bits are great if you're looking to effectively dissipate heat. They also work well when trying to drill through tough materials, such as steel and aluminum. High-speed steel bits are a little more affordable and typically work better for softer materials. Titanium is one of the strongest material bits that doesn't produce very much friction. 

Invest in Sets 

If you're truly trying to get the best value for your aircraft drill bits, then you should consider purchasing in sets. They're often cheaper compared to if you tried buying bits individually. Drill bit sets usually come with a wide variety of different sizes. 

The various size dimensions generally will be indicated in the description, which you will need to assess to make sure you're investing in a set that will work perfectly. Another thing to take into account is the quality of drill bits that come in the set. Make sure they're comprised of durable materials, such as the aforementioned types above. 

Think About the Overall Design 

There are so many different designs you can select from when it comes to aircraft drill bits. Twist bits are one of the go-to options, especially if you plan on doing some basic drilling on softer materials like wood and plastic. 

If you plan on drilling into strictly wood, then you will want to invest in a brad-point drill bit. It has a small point at the top to ensure your drills are precise. For drilling large diameters into various materials, you can't go wrong with a spade bit. It can clear large chunks of material with ease.

There are so many industries that rely heavily on aircraft drills for reaching tight spaces. If your operations necessitate using one of these drills, be sure to carefully assess your drill bit options. There are many to choose from; you just have to think about what would work best for you.