Pipe Hangers: What They Are, Types, and Other Products With Which They Are Often Confused

When someone says, "pipe hangers," do you picture hangers for clothes? Maybe you envision some sort of hook for hanging pipes? You are not alone. Pipe hangers are actually specialty hardware made for securing pipes to walls and ceilings. They are called "hangers" because they suspend the pipes from vertical surfaces and from overhead surfaces where pipes ordinarily would be inclined to drop. There are also different types of pipe hangers, and there are many other products for which these items are confused.

Metal Pipe Hangers

Metal pipe hangers are quite common. You can get them for just about any diameter-size of pipe, from half-inch to twelve-inch. They are made of either aluminum or steel, and are frequently bolted into the wall or ceiling to provide support for the pipes you want to "hang." They will conduct heat and electricity, which is why many of them are only installed in places where people are not going to touch them or they are not going to come into contact with electrical wires.

Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers

These pipe hangers are made entirely of plastic, but not just any plastic. They are made of thermoplastic, which is a special type of plastic that will never melt, no matter how hot the pipes get. This makes them ideal in situations where employees might accidentally touch the pipe hangers and the pipe hangers are holding up pipes filled with boiling hot liquid or steam. The plastic will not conduct as much heat as the metal hangers, thereby removing the risk of burns. You can use them lower on the pipes secured to the wall in conjunction with metal pipe hangers higher up on the wall or ceiling. You may also choose to use thermoplastic pipe hangers exclusively if the pipes are located in an extremely hot area.

What Other Products May Pop up in Search Engine Results When You Are Looking for Pipe Hangers

Plastic tubular hangers for clothing is a common search engine result, followed by hanging devices using repurposed pipes. Two-dimensional art and print framing products that look very similar to the pipe hangers are another possibility. Hangers of all kinds for all types of projects are yet another result. To find exactly what you need, specify if you're looking for "industrial" or "plumbing pipe hangers" for the best results at the top of your search engine list. You can also contact a plumber or plumbing store to get what you are looking for.