Brass Sheeting - Shopping Tips To Be Aware Of

One of the more unique types of brass varieties on the market today is brass sheeting. It's often thin and can be used in a lot of different ways. If you're in the market for this type of brass, be sure to shop in the following ways. Find the Right Thickness An important physical spec for brass sheeting is thickness. Just how thick do these sheets need to be to work out great for your project? Read More 

Cryogenic Gas Line Pressure Regulators — Buying Guidelines To Utilize

If you have a cryogenic system on your work site, you may use lines to move gas throughout the system. It's important to keep these gas lines at the appropriate pressure range, which you can do with pressure regulators. If you need to buy one for your cryogenic system, use this guide to find a compatible model that works great.  Make Sure Temperature Range Support is Optimal You can make sure your cryogenic gas line pressure regulator holds up and provides optimal performance if it supports the right temperature range. Read More